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2019 In-Review

Most of us are back in the office, and 2020 is in full swing! Back in December we took a look at what we should expect to see this year, but now we want to take a look back at 2019 for a bit, the[…]

2020 Technology Outlook

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was writing our 2019 outlook post, and now here we are gearing up for 2020 and a whole new decade. A lot has happened over the last year, and 2020 is[…]

2019 Tech Gift Guide - Part 2

We are back this week with the second part of our 2019 holiday gift guide to help you win this holiday season! If you're looking for gift ideas for the home, the music obsessed, or the frequent[…]

2019 Tech Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us! While many are spending this week prepping for Thanksgiving, we are looking ahead to help with all your holiday shopping needs. Our annual tech focused gift guide is here to[…]

7 Tips for Shopping Safely Online This Holiday Season


While online shopping makes life easier, it also opens consumers up to a lot of potential cyber crimes. Over the 2017 holiday season global organizations saw a 57% increase in attempted cyber[…]

Protecting your Business from Cyber Criminals

The first steps in creating a solid cybersecurity plan are to identify and define what cybersecurity means for your business, what you need to protect, and where everything is located, but once you[…]

Secure your Business with these Cybersecurity Tips

This years National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is focused on encouraging personal accountability and proactive behavior in security best practices and digital privacy. The 2019 theme is "Own IT.[…]

Owning Your Cybersecurity Plan

"The growing number and sophistication of cyber threats poses a critical risk to US businesses, and the impact of a successful attack can be devastating to small businesses in particular."Howard S.[…]

Developing a Data Strategy for Your Business

The MIT CISR Data Board defines a data strategy as "a central, integrated concept that articulates how data will enable and inspire business strategy." Essentially a data strategy defines and[…]

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