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IT 101: Top 10 IT Issues with a Quick Fix

by Jessica Baker on

As tech professionals with a 24/7 support team, we are called upon to help with all sorts of IT issues. Today, we’d like to pass down some of the knowledge we’ve gained over the years, for any beginner IT nerds out there, or anyone who’d like to bask in the glory of being an office hero. Here are some tips and resources we think you’ll find helpful in your office.

Top IT issues with a quick fix


We see a lot of people use Gmail for their work and personal email and want to have both in the same place, with the ability to easily switch back and forth. It is possible to do this in the default mail app on your phone, but we recommend using the Gmail App (available on iTunes and Google Play) . We love the Gmail App’s user-friendly design and the fact that it takes up less space on your device. While it is easy to set up, adding accounts has often been an area of concern for users. Google has some great documentation and instructions for adding accounts to your app.

We also see a lot of people who like to set an automatic reply on their email when they go on vacation, and doing so is probably more straightforward than you realize. The instructions for Gmail are here (you’ll find the instructions for Outlook below).

If you’re having other issues with Gmail, google offers a general troubleshooting page that makes it easy to select the exact problem you’re running into. From there you can determine if it’s time to call your IT support.


As mentioned above, there are some pretty easy to follow instructions (found here) for setting up an out of office reply in Outlook that will take you no time at all!

Like with Gmail there may be times when you may have no idea what is going wrong or are receiving a “not responding” message. If you want to learn what’s wrong and how to fix it here’s the Outlook troubleshooting step by step.

Google Docs

A lot of businesses use Google Docs to share information and increase collaboration, including the use of templates to make everyone’s job a lot easier. But we all know how frustrating it is when someone edits the original or when you can’t figure out how to copy it and waste your precious time creating the document on your own. Stop wasting time, or help out a coworker who may not know with these handy instructions.

That collaboration I mentioned above only works if people are sharing documents. If you’re unsure how to share a document or want to make sure your whole team knows how to do it, direct them here!


As one of the more popular browsers there are often a lot of questions that come with Chrome, and the most important ones (in our eyes) have to do with security.

The importance of keeping your browser updated can’t be overstated. While it’s common for Chrome to be set to auto-update, there is a possibility that your browser hasn’t been set up for this. If you’re one of those and want to make sure you’re browsing safely check out where those update notices are and how to do it!

The second thing that you can easily do is rid Chrome of unwanted ads, pop-ups and malware. Not only is this good for security but also helps get rid of those annoying ads and pop-ups while you’re trying to get work done.  


Some of our clients’ most common issues are with printers. While there are definitely problems that are pretty complex there are some things that are pretty simple to check and fix. So before you panic because that report won’t print, head to our troubleshooting how-to’s and see if you can get to the root of the problem!

Instructions for Windows
Instructions for Mac

Status Check

Our last helpful tip is to direct you do Is It Down Right Now. If you’re having issues connecting to a certain site, head to this website and see if it’s just you experiencing the problem or if others have reported the same issue. This is especially helpful in determining if you’re having connection issues, or if there is something larger going on - like the AWS outage a couple weeks ago. 
We hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new! And although this stuff fascinates us, if doing it yourself isn’t your thing give us a call or send us an email; we would love to help!

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