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What does 2016 Business Technology Look Like?

by Matt Miller on

Where is your company a year from now?

Well, researchers asked that exact question to business technology pros, and they had a few thoughts on what 2016 would see. While the answers varied of course, a couple of trends did begin to appear.


Information Security

We know, we know. This isn’t a new topic. Data security has been, and will continue to be a major concern this year. With the number of data breaches in the US reaching 781 in 2015 with majority of the breaches in the business, health/medical, banking/credit/financial, government/military sectors. Making sure that this number doesn’t continue to rise and compromise confidential information is going to be a top priority.

Check out the Identity Theft Resource Center’s 2015 Report to get the full picture.

Business Technology Budgets

In 2015 technology budgets seemed to plateau, and that could very well stay the case for 2016. Of those surveyed, the estimates for budget growth/decrease are:

  • 38% expect an increase in their budget
  • 10% expect their budgets to decrease
  • 42% expect their budgets to stay where they are

The remaining 10% claim to be unaware of next year’s budget, creating, in our opinion, a whole different problem.

IT Staffing

For the new year, IT professionals have started recommending to corporations that they increase staffing in order to stay ahead of the major technology issues that many large corporations have had. But even with these recommendations most companies aren’t going to. Of the corporations surveyed only 34% plan on increasing their staff, while 59% plan on keeping it the same and 7% are going to get rid of staff.

While these are not all of the trends that we see happening in 2016 they are a couple that could be extremely important to your business in this next year.

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