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2018 Holiday Gift Guide - Part 2

by Jessica Baker on

IT Freedom's 2018Holiday Gift GuidePart 2

Ladies and gentlemen we are back with part 2 of our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

If you missed part 1 be sure to check it out here!
So without wasting too much time, let’s jump into part 2.

Who doesn’t want a new phone this holiday season?

This is an annual section in our holiday gift guides, especially since the popular phones are always announced just before the holidays (coincidence? I think not). So here are the newest phones that are guaranteed to be on someones list this year.

Apple iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr

We all know someone who has one of these on their list (✋) and honestly we can’t blame them. The new iPhones are pretty awesome and even have some of our more Android loyal coworkers making the switch. We recently went into more detail on all three of these phones in our Apple announcement blog if you haven’t read enough about them already!

The Xs comes in space gray, silver, and gold and starts at $999. The Xs Max comes in all the same colors and starts at $1099.

The Xr comes in white, black, blue, yellow, coral, and red and starts at $749.

Google Pixel 3 & 3XL

The Google Pixel 3 event on October 9th announced their newest phone. The Pixel 3 is larger than previous devices and Google made quite a few improvements to the phone in general and not just the camera. Check out our Google Highlights blog for all the new details.

The Pixel 3 and 3XL come in black, white and “not pink” with the 3 starting at $799 and the Xl starting at $899.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Note 9 has been on the market the longest of these phones, after being announced in August, presumably to beat the Apple and Google announcements. This year’s Note 9 is larger than previous devices with a 6.4 inch screen. The most notable features include the S9 Plus camera, the ability to store 1TB of data, stereo speakers, and the bluetooth “S Pen”. All of these features have produced a pretty amazing smartphone, but it’s not any cheaper than the other phones we’ve talked about.

The Note 9 comes in midnight black, ocean blue, and lavender purple, and starts at $999.

Tech to Keep You Entertained

Roku Ultra

This device is definitely vying for the “best streaming device of all time” spot. With 4k and HDR abilities, thousands of channels, access to all the major streaming sites, and a sleek design, the Roku Ultra is the must have for those wanting to “cut the cord”.

The Roku Ultra is available now for $99.99.

Nintendo Switch

While the Switch isn’t really new anymore, it’s still guaranteed to be at the top of many people’s wish lists this year. Check out Trusted Reviews for an in-depth analysis, but for those wanting to take their game from home to...well, literally anywhere, the Switch is the top choice.

You can purchase the Switch now for $299.99 on the Nintendo website.

HTC Vive

For the VR obsessed on your list you can’t get much better than the HTC Vive. Techradar gives a good overview of how exactly the Vive works, but if you’re looking to “win” the holidays and purchase the best VR has to offer, the Vive is the way to go.

You can purchase the entire Vive VR system starting at $499, or just the newest Vive Pro headset for $799.

The Smart Watch you Need Right Now

Apple Watch Series 4

This is another product we talk quite a bit about in our Apple Highlights blog, but i’ll give you a little rundown here. The Series 4 is yet again attempting to change the smartwatch game. The 4 has a larger screen that previous devices, as well as a thinner body, rounded edges, and an almost edge-to-edge display, all leading to a super sleek look. The new health and fitness features like ECG capabilities, “fall detection”, automatic activity detection, and more have really put it ahead of the pack.

The Series 4 comes in 2 sizes, 40mm and 44mm, and starts at $399.

Withings Steel HR Sport

For the person on your list who wants a basic fitness tracker but still wants the classic watch look, the Withings Steel HR Sport is perfect. With basic activity tracking features, GPS, sleep tracking and a stylish design, it’s a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Withings offers leather and silicone bands, and a white or black watch face and starts at $199.95.

Healbe GoBe2

Now this is still a relatively new product to us, so we don’t know absolutely everything about it, but if someone on your list is looking for a device that tracks:

  • Calories ingested

  • Body water

  • Sleep quality

  • Energy levels

  • Heart rate

  • Activity

The GoBe2 claims to do it all. It also works with other health apps like Apple Health and Withings. Check out the Healbe website for more information on how it works and to order the GoBe2 for for $199.

And with that, our 2018 Holiday Gift guide is wrapped (haha, get it?)! As always, we want to hear your thoughts on any of the products we’ve talked about, so let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or Twitter, and happy shopping y’all!

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