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2019 Tech Gift Guide - Part 2

by Jessica Baker on

We are back this week with the second part of our 2019 holiday gift guide to help you win this holiday season! If you're looking for gift ideas for the home, the music obsessed, or the frequent travelers in your life make sure you're caught up on part one here! Today we are finishing up with our top ideas for the gamers and fitness obsessed on your list, and we've thrown in a few miscellaneous gift ideas to make sure you've got everyone on your list covered. 

2019 tech gift guide part 2

For the Gamers

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is perfect for the on-the-go gamer. The completely handheld device brings many of us back to the Nintendo DS days. The all-in-one design ditches the Switch joy-con controllers in favor of a sleeker, more portable design. The Switch Lite has access to the same library of games found on the Switch and gives you the ability to play online, anywhere you go. For the gamer who likes the idea of a Switch but wants a solely handheld option, the Switch Lite is the ideal gift. 

Colors: Yellow, Gray, Turquoise
Starting at $199.99

nintendo switch lite

Oculus Quest VR Headset

The Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headset is an all in one VR experience. Available in 64GB and 128GB options the Oculus Quest gives you full virtual reality anywhere you take it. Whether you're setting it up at home, or at a friends, the Oculus Quest is designed to be used in both big or small spaces, and while sitting or standing. The Quest also has the audio built right into the headset, giving you the VR experience without the headphones, meaning you don't have to worry about not being able to hear what is going on in the room around you. 

Starting at $399

quest vr gaming headset

Sega Genesis Mini

Another modern throwback, the Sega Genesis Mini is a scaled down, almost identical version of the original, 55% the size of the original to be exact. The console itself only has two ports, one for power, one for the HDMI connection. It also includes two, full sized, controllers and 40 games guaranteed to bring you back to your childhood. The Genesis Mini is as simple as plug and play, and perfect for anyone nostalgic for old school gaming. 

Available on Amazon for $49.99

sega genesis mini

Xbox One X

The new Xbox One X is designed to be the most powerful gaming console in the world. It boasts 40% more power, a full 4k gaming experience, and more memory and processing speed for bigger and smoother worlds and improved overall gameplay. If the gamer on your list wants 4k exclusives, an advanced multiplayer network, and access to over 100 games online. The Xbox One X is the perfect choice. 

Starting at $499

xbox onex

For the Fitness Obsessed

Smart Yoga Mat

For the yogi who is fed up with mats coming unrolled and could use a little guidance in their home practice the Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat is perfect. This mat is self-rolling and designed to stay flat on the floor, so say goodbye to your mat curling up in the middle of your practice. It also pairs with Alexa to help guide you through daily flow. Make the yogi in your life very happy with this gift!

Colors: Charcoal, Coral
Available on Amazon starting at $69.95

smart yoga mat

Ring Fitness and Sleep Tracker

For the fitness obsessed who doesn't want a smart watch, the Motiv Smart Ring might be the perfect solution. The Motiv Ring is waterproof, weighs less than a penny, and has a 3-day battery life, with only a 90-=minute charging cycle. The Motiv Ring tracks fitness, sleep and heart rate and is available in 7 sizes. 

Color: Silver, Rose Gold, Black
Starting at $199.99

ring fitness and sleep tracker

G3 Theragun

For the chronically sore, the G3 Theragun is the ultimate gift. The sleekest and quietest design yet, provides up to 40 pounds of force to release muscle tension , tightness and soreness, and help with both warm up and recovery. The G3 is perfect for anyone who spends quite a bit of time in the gym. 

Colors: Black, White
Starting at $399

g3 therapy gun

Smart Watch

There are so many of these on the market, and everyone has their own personal preference, so we figured we'd guide you toward our top three and let you take it from there! 

Apple Watch Series 5

fitbit versa 2forerunner 735xt

Each has their own pros and cons and their own specialties. So if you're planning to purchase one for someone, definitely get their input and find out what they will be using it for, so you can ensure they'll love it!

For Everyone Else

Ember Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

Gone are the days of burning your tongue or sipping cold coffee with the Ember Temperature Controlled Smart Mug. The Ember technology allows you to set your drink to your perfect temperature. Control the mug from your smartphone and keep it charged on its charging coaster for the perfect temperature all day. 
The Ember Smart Mug is available in a travel mug, 10oz mug, 14 oz mug and a special edition copper mug. 

Colors: Black, White
Starting at $99.95

temperature controlled smart mug

Polaroid Onestep+

Another throwback turned modern, but this time for the photographer on your list. The Polaroid Onestep+ allows you to make settings adjustments in the app, take pictures remotely and utilize a self-timer. The Onestep+ combines the fun and look of polaroids with all the modern camera features. 

Colors: Black, White
Starting at $164.99 (includes a pack of color and black and white film)

onestep+ polaroid instant film camera

And with that, our 2019 gift guide comes to a close! We hope this was helpful and that you now have everyone on your list taken care of this holiday season! 
If you purchase or receive anything on this list let us know your thoughts in the comments, or on our Facebook/Twitter

We hope you have a safe, happy, and festive holiday season! 

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