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We Reached 5000 Customer Ratings!

by Jessica Baker on

We did it!

5000 ratings

Over the holidays (December 21st to be exact) we hit 5000 customer ratings, with 98.3% of those ratings categorized as “Excellent!”

Many of you may have seen our Feedback site that shows live data of our last 100 ratings.
Way back in 2013, we launched our own rating system. Previously we were using the rating system integrated into our ticketing software, Zendesk. While it worked just fine, it wasn’t giving us the data we wanted or needed to be able to come to useful, actionable customer service conclusions.

The previous system used two indicators of how our technicians were doing… either customers indicated themselves as “Satisfied” or “Unsatisfied”. While this worked for a while, and a 99% satisfied customer rating looked great, it wasn’t terribly insightful. Customers are unlikely to click “Unsatisfied” unless something REALLY upset them. Which, thankfully, doesn’t happen very often with us.

To fix this issue, our then Service Manager and current CEO Jeff, created a whole new system in house. Now, our customers are prompted to rate how their interaction with us was using “Excellent”, “Okay” and “Not Good” and are then further prompted to leave any further comments if they would like. This has allowed us to distinguish between great and mediocre service, and the opportunity to understand what can turn an “Okay” rating into an “Excellent” rating.

In the service industry, there’s nothing more important guessed it...customer service. We use our ratings every day to improve our customer service and decide how we can better help our clients. We are grateful that so many of them take the time to provide feedback and help us improve. We’re pretty proud of our “Excellent” ratings, and can’t wait to keep improving!
Like our feedback site says, “Satisfaction is boring. We live for customer delight.” If all our customers aren’t completely delighted, we still have work to do!

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