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6 Tips for Keeping Your Tech Happy

by Jessica Baker on

It's Valentine's Day, and while you're worrying about what chocolate or stuffed animal to buy don't forget to give your technology some love too! We've put together a short list of tips to keep your devices in perfect condition.

Keeping technology happy

Tip #1: Keep Tech Away from Champagne and Chocolate

This might sound like a joke, and it is...kind of. We all know that having food and drink around tech is not a good idea. But if you do happen to have an accidental spill, check out our post on what to do immediately after.

Tip #2: Don’t Skimp on the Updates

Keeping your computer running efficiently and safely means always installing new updates. Even if it takes a while for the updates to complete, you have the time. It’s an extremely important part of owning technology, especially considering how many updates contain vital security patches.

Tip #3: Clean up your tech...on the inside

Delete any unnecessary files to free up space and help your computer run more efficiently. Use this time to also get rid of “add-ons” that you don’t need, didn’t know were there, or no longer have a use for. All of the most popular browsers allow for the installation of add-ons or plug-ins but these can clutter up your computer. Head to Computer Hope for instructions on removing them. While this advice is good for desktops, it’s also important to clean up your mobile device. Delete old pictures, notes, messages, apps and anything you’re not using anymore. Make sure you’re also cutting down on the amount of background tasks your device is running. Make sure you’re not allowing apps to refresh in the background (directions for how to turn this off) and if you’re not using wi-fi or bluetooth, turn it off.

Tip #4: Clean up your tech…on the outside

As important as it is to keep your tech clean on the inside, the outside is important too. From smudges to dust to food crumbs, you should be keeping up with the cleanliness of your hardware. Find a good cleaner (this is a good list that are all specifically for electronics) that you like, and make sure to use it! Mashable has a pretty good, and quick, list of other ways to clean your device.

Tip #5: Always Make Security a Priority

All of us tend to use our devices anywhere and everywhere we can, but there are hazards that come with this. Public wifi isn’t always safe, we always recommend using VPN whenever you can and don’t access any personal or business data if you are connected to public wifi. Always make sure that you know what you’re downloading and where it came from. And keep your online accounts secure by using different logins and passwords for them all, preferably not stored in the browser (our post on Password Managers details a better way to keep your accounts safe). If you’d like more tips on keeping your device secure, take a look at these articles for Internet and Email Security.

Tip #6: Backup your Data

This tip is less for a happy device, and more for a happy you. Should anything happen to your device you want to make sure all the data and information stored directly on it, is also stored somewhere else, to make sure it’s not all lost permanently. If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to backing up your device techradar has a good list of the “Best external desktop and portable hard disk drives of 2017” to get your headed in the right direction.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day and make sure you’re always following these steps for a happy device, not just this month!

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