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Safeguarding Credit Card Information in the Digital Age

While checking your bank account statement, you notice something strange.  You call your bank and discover that some phony used your card for purchases that you would never make. Unfortunately, this[…]

Google Fiber and Your Austin Business

What Does Google Fiber Mean for You?

It’s no secret that in the modern business world, the Internet is king. Efficient, reliable Internet access is an integral part of any business. Business is[…]

How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Your Online Privacy?

When it comes to your Internet, how much are you really giving away when you search for… literally anything? Internet providers have access to mind-boggling amounts of data from individuals every[…]

Two-Factor Authentication - A Simple Way to Protect Your Data

An alarming number of employees put themselves and their company at risk every day. How? By using weak passwords to access company data, software, and devices. As cybercriminals become savvier, even[…]

IT Freedom Earns a Spot on the Inc. 5000 List!

IT Freedom is thrilled to announce our spot on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies! With steady growth throughout the last three years we’re honored to be one of these 5000[…]

Next-Gen Security – Why Current Security Systems Aren’t Cutting It Anymore

Why does Next-Gen Security matter to your business?

In the past few years the rapid increase in cybercrime has fueled a drastic increase in research and spending on ever more sophisticated security[…]

Have you Switched to Windows 10 Yet?

When Windows 10 was released around this time last year, Microsoft was so eager to get users to upgrade that they offered free upgrades and were all-in-all more aggressive with this rollout than any[…]

Update Alert: iOS 9.3.4 & Increased Security

On August 4th, Apple released the newest iOS 9.3.4, surprising some astute users that expected 9.3.3 to be the last iOS 9 update until the release of iOS 10 in September. This new update doesn’t have[…]

IT Freedom Nominated For The Austin Chamber of Commerce Customer Service and Loyalty Award

IT Freedom is excited to announce our nomination for the Austin Chamber of Commerce Customer Service and Loyalty award!

We are proud to have won this award in 2015 and are equally thrilled to be[…]

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