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Game Changing Google Apps

You own a business, and like most today you need to be in constant contact with customers, your team and have the ability to send email, keep up to date on reports, manage your calendar and[…]

World Password Day 2016

The primary IT concern for most business is the protection of sensitive client and company data. Business of all sizes in all industries are  susceptible to security breaches and should always be[…]

Why Your Company Needs a Strategic IT Plan

All business owners obviously want to know where their company is headed in the future. Being able to predict upcoming events and challenges would make sure you’re prepared and have the ability to[…]

IT Freedom’s Guide to Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft’s newest browser tools provide businesses with a fantastic advantage, but are you getting the most out of them?

We’re taking a look at the Windows 10 browsing options for your company.


QuickTime for Windows Update

This post if for all PC users running QuickTime for PC by Apple. On April 14, 2016, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT), a division of the US Department of Homeland Security,[…]

XP Based PCs Vulnerable to Attacks

Many Windows XP users were unhappy with the release of Windows Vista, and refused to upgrade. New OS versions since Vista have actually taken customers’ concerns into account, but this hasn’t changed[…]

Strategic Thinking and IT Leadership

I came across a video recently that hinted toward the topic of strategic thinking in information technology. The video is an interview with CIO Dr. Mansur Hasib at the World Health Care Congress, and[…]

Data Backup is a Requirement

In this day and age, backing up your data isn’t really an option anymore, it's a requirement, especially with the amount of sensitive data most people handle every day. If the primary version of a[…]

Is Your Business Vulnerable to Email Scams?

Email is perhaps the most popular form of communication for businesses in just about any industry. This is probably the reason why emails are the most frequently hacked, manipulated, and the most[…]

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