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Data Backup is a Requirement

In this day and age, backing up your data isn’t really an option anymore, it's a requirement, especially with the amount of sensitive data most people handle every day. If the primary version of a[…]

Is Your Business Vulnerable to Email Scams?

Email is perhaps the most popular form of communication for businesses in just about any industry. This is probably the reason why emails are the most frequently hacked, manipulated, and the most[…]

A new iCloud scam is surfacing – and it’s dangerous.

If you’re an Apple user, you have luckily been able to benefit from the high security that Apple uses to keep you and your data safe from external threats. Unfortunately, it seems that as Apple’s[…]

Is It a Legitimate Email or a Scam?

You probably go through hundreds of Emails per day: some work-related and others personal. Most of the senders are familiar, but some are new. Some Emails you just read, and others require action. A[…]

How Can Information Technology Help Grow Your Business?

Most people know and understand the term “information technology.” But there are many business owners who can’t grasp how IT can help their business. The truth is, information technology is a[…]

A Successful Migration to Windows 10

We recently held a webinar to help our clients understand the particulars of upgrading their companies to Microsoft’s newest OS, Windows 10. Headed by our Chief Development Officer, Matt Miller, and[…]

How Google Apps Can Speed Up Workflows and Boost Profits

In an effort to inform business owners on the more relevant and innovative forms of technology, we’ve been hosting a series of webinars to help showcase some important and interesting information for[…]

The Urgent Workaround You Need to Avoid a Dangerous New Vulnerability

Your IT security depends on a number of things: one of the most crucial factors is ensuring that you’re aware of vulnerabilities before they cause damage. By proactively managing vulnerabilities or[…]

A Note from the President: Goodbye, Courier Mail Server

We laid a dear old friend to rest last week. We shut down our Courier mail server, which through various hardware incarnations had served us faithfully since the very early days of IT Freedom. Brian[…]

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