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Is Your Business Vulnerable to Email Scams?

by Matt Miller on

Email is perhaps the most popular form of communication for businesses in just about any industry. This is probably the reason why emails are the most frequently hacked, manipulated, and the most frequently used means of infecting computers and networks in an effort to collect and steal data.


FBI research shows that fake emails sent by “Chief Executives” to senior employees asking for money transfers are responsible for the loss of up to $2 billion over the past two years. With more than 12,000 corporate victims, there is a higher risk than ever of businesses falling prey to this type of scam. The Internet is a treasure trove of information, and a virtual playground for criminals looking to steal money and information.

Due to the anonymous nature of internet communication, it is now more common than ever for companies to fall victim to internet scams without ever realizing it. Because of this, it’s increasingly more important that companies protect themselves against these types of attacks before they happen.

There are a couple different things that any company can do to protect themselves from this type of fraud. The first thing you can do it place extra protection around the most important aspects of your company. This seems like a no-brainer but it’s often overlooked. These aspects could be, data, information, money, etc. A follow up safeguard you will want to take is making sure your protection system is checked routinely to make sure it’s still doing the job.

These regular security checks can help pinpoint weak spots, and help discover faults to make sure issues are repaired before someone can take advantage of them.

A good security measure to have in place is a monitoring system, this type of system can watch your technology 24/7 and report any issues as soon as they arise.

It is crucial that companies take their security seriously and put the proper safeguards in place to prevent these types of scams. In some cases, it may be necessary to go as far as scanning and authenticating emails before they are answered or opened to prevent the infection of devices and entire networks. Being a victim of an email scam isn’t something any company wants to deal with. By knowing the dangers ahead of time and taking the time to gather the information and put the right safeguards and software in place you can help to prevent these infections and cyber-attacks. Find out how our IT experts can help keep your business safe.

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