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The New Dell 43 Multiclient Monitor

by Matt Miller on

The Dell 43 Multiclient Monitor, also known as the P4317Q, is designed for the future of professional computer users and gamers, both of whom look for more immersion and information from their displays. Before the Dell 43, gamers, stock traders and marketing pros would have usually invested in two or three displays, each with a different output, leading to various conversion and synchronization problems. The Dell 43 takes care of all these problems by focusing many different outputs on a single display.


Four-Panel Monitor Display

Instead of purchasing multiple monitors, people in need of a multichannel display can now utilize the much more convenient and cost effective Dell 43. While it will primarily be used to display multiple different screens, it does still display one single screen quite well, maxing out at 3840x2160 pixels. That being said, it’s true added value comes from showcasing all 4 desktops at one time, running all of them at 1080p.

Long gone is the worry about matching different resolutions and color calibration schemes from different monitors. Moving documents or windows from one display to another is simple, and the document retains its look no matter what display it is placed on.

Is the Dell 43 Multiclient The Best Professional Monitor Ever?

Dell definitely spared no expense packing the 43 Multiclient full of features outside of the four-panel display. The Ultra HD 4K2 (3840x2160) max experience that comes with the single screen display matches the cutting edge specifications of any commercial desktop monitor on the market. However, Dell brings even more convenience and value to this new release with a z-matte finish that helps reduce eye strain and glare on the monitor.

Connectivity at Its Best

Dell 43 users can take advantage of an RS-232 port that allows remote management along with legacy VGA 15 pin DSUB port, four USB 3.0 ports, dual HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2 and a miniDisplayPort. You can configure four completely separate systems all on the same monitor as long as you have the correct video ports running on each system.

The P4317Q also has two 8W speakers built directly into the console. Even with all this audiovisual power, the Dell 43 Multiclient Monitor uses 30% less energy than comparable displays.

The Dell 43 Multiclient Monitors is available now at an MSRP of $1,349.99

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