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IT Freedom & American YouthWorks

by Matt Miller on

IT Freedom is always looking for new clients who we can empower with our relationship-based approach to personal, comprehensive, and innovative information technology. With unique IT strategies and solutions, we’re able to provide services for a wide range of industries and businesses with diverse needs and goals.


Today, we’re proud to announce that IT Freedom is taking on American YouthWorks as a client and managing all of their information technology needs.

Who Is American YouthWorks?

American YouthWorks transforms the lives of at-risk youth through education, service, and green jobs training.

In 1976, American YouthWorks emerged as the Creative Rapid Learning Center working with youth and adults in East Austin, providing them with necessary job skills that recognize the needs of individuals neglected by the educational system.

Over the years, American YouthWorks learned from the youth they serve to directly address the multiple barriers to the future success of “at-promise” youth and, as a result, American YouthWorks developed an educational methodology that combines diploma or GED education with real world experience and training with an emphasis that teaches young people to serve their community.

The IT Freedom Promise

As American YouthWorks’ IT provider, our job is to ensure they’re able to focus on providing their full care and attention to the youth they serve, harnessing the power of the most effective technology solutions to empower their staff and volunteers. Our wide-ranging technical expertise ensures:

  • Employees are able to stay focused on the important work they do without being weighed down by technology distractions.
  • IT systems are optimized and monitored around-the-clock to ensure they’re always functioning at their peak.
  • Productivity stays high, with innovative managed services that empower American YouthWorks’ employees to do their absolute best.


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