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IT Freedom’s Initial iOS 10 Review

by Matt Miller on

An iOS 10 Review for Businesses and Individuals

iOS 10 has officially been out for a month. As an iPhone user I’ve definitely been getting used to all the new features, and seem to find a new one almost every day. In this discovery process I’ve noticed, and researched, some aspects of iOS 10 that could be especially useful for businesses, and some that are just fun and helpful for everyone, so here is our iOS 10 Review.

For Businesses

iOS 10 introduced a lot of features that were brought about by Apple’s partnership with Cisco, the world’s largest Wi-Fi supplier. This partnership was announced last August with the intent to increase productivity and network performance on mobile devices. This partnership came through in iOS 10 with a few features. The most useful feature though, seems to be the increased connection ability – specifically while switching Wi-Fi networks on your corporate campus. This increases roaming speeds, leads to less web browsing failures, and more reliable calling. This means, for example, that when you’re walking from one end of the building to the other, the VoIP call you’re on doesn’t get disconnected as your phone changes access points.

iOS 10 has increased the continuity between Apple devices, giving you the ability to transfer documents and tasks from your Mac, to your iPad, as well as letting you project images and videos from your phone to your Apple TV. All your Apple devices are synced, allowing you to access all your documents on whichever device you have with you at the moment. This feature isn’t just for iPhone though, it’s also part of a general push that Apple is making on all of its devices.

Siri is now integrated with other apps, allowing you to ask Siri to order you a car or even send money via an app to someone else. A few companies that have already taken advantage of this third party app integration are:

  • Lyft
  • Venmo
  • Map My Run
  • LinkedIn

While these are some of the big names here is a good list of other apps that work with siri and are taking advantage of this integration.

Another feature available now is Visual Transcripts. I don’t know about you, but I am not a huge fan of listening to voicemails, let alone listening to them multiple times to make sure that you’ve gotten all the information you actually need from them before calling that person back. That’s where iOS 10 comes in. While it’s not available to everyone yet, and is slowly being rolled out, Voicemail Transcripts show you everything that was said in the voicemail message, without having to listen to the voicemail, and all the information you need is already essentially written down.

For Everyone

Now for the “fun” side of iOS 10. While there were a lot of changes made, the most notable, and talked about seem to be the changes in the messaging app. The changes include an intelligent keyboard, gif integration, and message design features, not to mention the new sounds that the keyboard makes. The intelligent keyboard allows you to type in multiple languages at the same time, replace a word with an emoji with just one touch and provides more intelligent suggestions based on your common phrases.

donut iOS 10 Review

Aside from all of this you can now send your messages in “invisible ink” that reveals itself when tapped, make the whole screen fill with confetti when the message is opened, and draw pictures within the messages. dogdrawing iOS 10 Review

And my personal favorite, the ability to search for and send gifs within the message app was introduced.

minion gifs iOS 10 Review


iOS 10 is also attempting to make sure you’re never stuck wandering a parking lot looking for your car again. With the “Parked Car” location feature your phone will remember where you parked if it’s somewhere other than home.

Another new feature that has proved to be pretty handy is the customizable lock screen. Now on your lock screen you can chose what shows up. For example, you can have your calendar, Siri suggestions, news, weather, maps, and reminders show up when you swipe right on your lock screen. Most apps that you would use on a day-to-day basis have a “widget” you can select to add it to this customizable screen.

While we know there are A LOT more features that iOS 10 introduced that are helpful professionally and personally these were just the few that stuck out to us.

Let us know what new features are your favorite and why!

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