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Game Changing Google Apps

by Matt Miller on

You own a business, and like most today you need to be in constant contact with customers, your team and have the ability to send email, keep up to date on reports, manage your calendar and facilitate projects. While right now you might be using multiple different software products to accomplish all of these things, what if there was one software suite that could accomplish all of these at the same time? Well, there is. Google developed a cloud-based suite of apps called “Google Apps” to keep you connected and informed whenever you need to be.


Google Apps has Everything you need, without breaking the bank.

So you see this suite of products, and you're probably thinking "something that efficient is going to cost an arm and a leg." Wrong. A license costs ONLY $50 a year, covers an unlimited number of users, and provides all users with 25 MB of email storage and access to all the cloud-based applications. All of this comes without the hassle of installing software, and without having to make sure everyone is on the same type of device and same OS. Even better? The suite of apps is guaranteed to be available 99.9% of the time. But wait…there’s more!

You probably already know all about Gmail. The cloud based email system that allows you to access your email from any device, anywhere in the world. So, we aren’t going to go into too much detail on that one. But there are a couple other great aspects to the Google Apps suite we want to talk about.

Google Calendar

Trying to plan your day around clients, your team, meetings and even family? Google Calendar is the easiest way to block off time, while allowing you to display your schedule so people know when they can and can’t try to set up a meeting. You can even set permissions so that only certain people can see certain things, so if you want someone to see exactly where you are they can, but if you want them to only see that you’re “busy” you can do that too. Google Calendar can also sync your calendar with others by allowing you to send invitations to certain people and post events to the larger company calendar.

Collaboration just got easier

Google Docs gives all employees on the license the ability to access, share, and modify documents all within the cloud. This is the perfect way to allow everyone to see what changes have been made and who made what contributions. This makes projects and creating long documents much simpler than having to email a document back and forth.

There’s still more!

While the Google Apps suite comes well loaded with everything you might need, we do know that there are other things you might desire for your team in the future, that’s where the app store comes in. Within the app store there are more apps than you can imagine for free, or a low cost.

For example, at IT Freedom we use TweetDeck to monitor, respond to and schedule tweets, and the Google Apps store has a handy app the pulls everything we need right up!


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