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Google Fiber and Your Austin Business

by Matt Miller on

What Does Google Fiber Mean for You?

google fiber

It’s no secret that in the modern business world, the Internet is king. Efficient, reliable Internet access is an integral part of any business. Business is increasingly defined by the ability to provide quality services, quickly. When business teams experience downtime due to slow or non-functional Internet connections, opportunities for service delivery come to a screeching halt. No Internet service is 100% immune to slowdowns and downtime, but Google Fiber is looking to shake up the industry with modern, all fiber Internet connectivity for small businesses at a very low price point.

As IT experts, IT Freedom is a big fan of Google Fiber and the huge differences it can make for our clients and business owners in general. Unlike the “last mile” network underlying many other Internet options available to small businesses Google Fiber’s infrastructure is built on the latest fiber optic technology, improving speed, reliability, and facilitating simpler network upgrades in the future.

Over the last few years, Google Fiber has provided a network that operates on the order of ten times faster than the established alternatives. Google Fiber service offerings are designed in tiers to cater to any business’s specific needs and the highest tier of service boasts 1000 Mbps, compared to the national average of roughly 11.5 Mbps

Our entire team is continually excited about technological developments and optimizing them in a strategic way to help business owners. In the words of our Director of Business Development, Matt Miller, “We always want to stay ahead of the market and bring the latest to our customers. Some IT service providers see services like Google Fiber as encroaching on their established interests, but these services will enable so many new and innovative services – we’re excited.”

Matt was recently featured in an article on What Google Fiber could Mean for Your Small Business by NCR Silver.

Also make sure you check out our e-book “Everything Your Business Needs to Know about Fiber Internet” and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


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