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Highlights from the Google Pixel 3 Announcement

by Jessica Baker on
Last month Apple made their big annual announcement and this month it was Google’s turn. On October 9th they held their “Google Pixel 3 Event” in New York City to announce their new products. This announcement was a little different, as they announced the new lineup of products at the top of the hour and all products were made available for pre-order before event was even over.

So without further adieu, here’s what was announced this month!

google pixel 3 announcement highlights

Pixel 3 & 3XL

The third iteration of Google phones really aims to improve on the entire phone experience without feeling like the sole focus is on the camera, even if it is a really great camera. The 3 and 3XL are a little larger than previous devices, coming in at 5.5 & 6.3 inches, up from 5 & 6 inches last year. The new devices have new design features like a larger (obviously) and improved screen, a glass back for wireless charging, front facing speakers (on the 3XL) and a single rear camera with dual front facing cameras.

The Pixel 3 & 3XL come in three colors: white, black, and a new color of “not pink”.

The new devices are built with the Pixel Visual Core Chip which gives the devices a couple new features:

  • Top Shot: this will pick the best image out of a burst of images
  • Photo Booth: now your phone will automatically snap the picture when everyone in the picture is smiling
  • Super Res Zoom: goodbye grainy zoomed in pictures! Super res zoom ams to make your zoomed in pictures clearer and take away any blur that comes from shaky hands
  • Night Sight: this will brighten any dark spots in images

The Pixel 3 & 3XL are available to order now, and will begin shipping on October 18. The Pixel 3 starts at $799 and the XL starts at $899.

Home Hub

Home Hub looks to be Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo Show and the Portal from Facebook. The Hub resembles a small tablet and functions as a digital picture frame (when connected to Google Photos), a visual google assistant, and a video monitor for YouTube videos.

It can work with your Nest Hello cameras, it even has voice match for different members of your household, and is designed to be the central controller for your smart home devices.

You can order the Home Hub now for $149, and receive 6 months of YouTube premium for free. Home Hub will begin shipping on October 22.

Pixel Slate

The Chrome OS and Google Assistant have found their way into a tablet. Google announced its first tablet, the Pixel Slate, that will arrive later this year.

The Slate will have a 12.3 inch molecular display with rear and front facing 8MP cameras. The slate follows a lot of new tech lately by eliminating a headphone jack from the design, but it does have dual speakers, a fingerprint scanner, and a Titan M security chip that Google says was built custom for the Pixel 3. The Slate will initially only be available in a Navy Blue color, and will start at $599. The tablet is also compatible with the bluetooth Pixel Slate Keyboard and Pixel Pen, but both are sold separately.

The device isn’t available to order yet, but you can join the waitlist.

Google Duplex

Duplex is Google's new AI software that’s was discussed earlier this year, but was officially announced this past month. Duplex was designed to help schedule appointments, and make reservations for you. At the moment it can only do the following 3 things:

  • Call and find out holiday hours
  • Make restaurant reservations (at restaurants that don’t take online reservations)
  • Make hair appointments

It’s been programmed to alert the individual on the other end of the line that they aren’t talking to a real person and that it’s the Google Assistant making the call and that the call will be recorded. Google hasn’t announced when Duplex will make its debut, or on what devices it will be rolled out to, but we do know that when they decide to put it to the test in the real world it will be launched in New York, Atlanta, Phoenix and the San Francisco Bay Area first.

Honorable mention: Chromecast

Chromecast gets an honorable mention from us, because while it wasn’t announced in the event there is a new version being released. The new version has a matte finish and provides support for 5GHz wifi networks and 1080p streaming. You can snag the new Chromecast for $35 dollars. If you need something that supports 4k and HDR you can find those capabilities in the Chromecast Ultra that retails for $69.


There wasn’t nearly as much announced by Google as there was by Apple, but Google definitely came with some awesome updates to current product lines and new products. I personally can’t wait to see how the world reacts to Duplex. If you purchase any of these products, let us know your opinions in the comments, or on our Facebook and Twitter!

If you want to watch the full event, check out CNET’s youtube channel that has a recording of the full live event!


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