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iPhone 7 Rumors

by Matt Miller on


Right now it’s only speculation, but that doesn’t mean the rumors attached to the release of the iPhone 7 aren’t exciting. Ranging from an edge-to-edge display, a waterproof body, and wireless charging, the iPhone 7 is destined to be WAY different in more than one way. And with talk of removing the headphone jack, it could be the thinnest iPhone release to date.

We’ve compiled some of the biggest rumors in one list:

Possible Release Date

If Apple is following their usual release schedule, it will probably be released sometime in late September 2016, but the rumor mill is hinting at an early September release.


The speculations surrounding the iPhone 7 all point to an aluminum alloy or liquid metal design. This is exciting in that it would help with creating a tightly sealed, waterproof phone. Within the design category of rumors there are a couple more:

  • Thinner look: The talk of Apple removing the headphone jack would definitely mean a thinner phone. The word is that they are aiming for a 6mm-6.5mm size for the new device.
  • No home button: With the new advanced technology look from Android recently this could be a wise change for apple. The home button may have run its course.
  • Larger screen: Taking away the bezels, or making them smaller, would allow for a much fuller screen. This would be particularly exciting with a new glass-on-glass component.


Many are hoping that the iPhone 7 display will be made with the same scratch and shatter resistant Sapphire display that they are using on the higher-end Apple watch models. This would improve the resistance over the current Gorilla Glass and work to protect your device from daily dings and scratches.

There may also be a backlight assembly in the works for the new device by updating the 3D touch sensors. This in-display fingerprint recognition upgrade would be helpful in emulating the home button behavior and providing a more advanced look.

Dual Lens Camera

Not long after the iPhone 6 release, did the rumors start about the iPhone 7 featuring a dual lens camera that offers DSLR-level picture quality. This could be a strong selling point for those who use their phone as a camera often. Other rumors have brought up the iPhone 7 adding another camera in the back, therefore 2 in total; one with a regular snapper and the other for capturing depth information.

Inductive Wireless Charging

Since creating the all-in-one lighting connector would make it impossible to charge your phone with headphones in, there has been the thought of inductive wireless charging. This has been one request from Apple users throughout previous years, but it’s still a mystery whether they will implement this or not.

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