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Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management

by Matt Miller on

Smartphone users in 2016 are on their way to reaching and exceeding the 2 billion mark. That’s close to 1/3 of the population sending and receiving sensitive information regularly. For all types of businesses this not only puts compliance adherence at a greater risk but also puts them at the risk of having their personally identifiable information (PII) stolen by ransomware or other hacker tricks. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is not widely used, but it should be. In a lot of ways mobile devices are easier to hack than servers and PCs which is why a solid MDM strategy is an important aspect of your overall IT security plan.


Recent Headlines Underscore Cybersecurity Need

It seems like we’re seeing a new headline every day about companies, executives and even whole nations, like India and Japan, having their confidential data put at risk by hackers, with or without asking for a ransom payment to get it back. While executives, corporations and whole countries seem to be the ones at the highest risk level, it’s important to realize that this can happen to anyone anywhere, and if your employees are dealing with sensitive information their device might be a target.

Never Negotiate with Hackers

In those instances, where hackers are demanding a payment for the safe return of your data, it’s important to remember that just because you pay them, doesn’t mean you’re actually going to get your data back. If you don’t already have an IT security plan in place, it’s important that you call an IT professional in this case so they can help safeguard all the data that hasn’t been breached and work with you to develop a plan to ward off future attacks.

Experts Weigh-In on Mobile Device Management

Any good Managed Service Provider will tell you that having a good MDM strategy in place, especially if you’re a business dealing with credit card numbers, transaction information and sensitive financial or personal information, is a must. A recent article on talks about how ransomware hackers are increasingly targeting mobile devices, and with this trend having an MDM strategy on personal devices as well as business devices isn’t a bad idea.

In a lot of cases MDM is overlooked because it’s usually not seen as important as protecting data centers and servers. BUT, this oversight can end up being a big mistake. Mobile devices can present holes in WiFi networks and hotspots which can be exploited by hackers very easily. Don’t be caught without the right security and make sure your business doesn’t end up as the next headline.

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