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Outdated Hardware is A Bigger Risk than You Might Think

by Matt Miller on

All businesses face challenges. Those challenges may be strict deadlines, new/harsher regulations or even aggressive competition. But one challenge that is often overlooked, despite being crucial to a business’ bottom line, if information technology.


The assessment professionals at TechCheck recently released a survey of 52,000 networking devices at more than 200 organizations thought Softchoice’s Cisco Contract, and the findings are slightly concerning, showing that most corporate networks are past their ‘best before’ date.

The report details that 60% of businesses are running end-of-support devices on their networks, putting their businesses at a higher risk of security breaches and can decrease productivity while costing the company money in the future to replace them.

Other statistics from the report show that 30% of devices assessed lack standard tech support service, and 95% of businesses have end-of-sale devices operating on their network, and while these devices are still supported even though they’re no longer on the market, they can still cause issues for the business in the present and the future.

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It’s obviously of the upmost importance to ensure that your business’ technology is up-to-date and secure. There are a few actions you can take to make sure your IT is up to date and safe for your systems:

  • Ensure that you have a reliable disaster recovery plan in the case of outages, data loss, data breaches, or any other type of unforeseen emergency resulting from outdated hardware
  • Create a plan to repair and replace equipment as it becomes outdated, instead of after it reaches the end-of-support date
  • Partner with a reliable IT Support provider to assess your network from top to bottom and identify outdated devices


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