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Is Outsourcing IT the solution to your technology problems?

by Matt Miller on

Say you’re a small to medium sized business. You recognize the need for IT expertise within your business, so you hire someone to handle it all. You think “We aren’t that big, one person should be able to do it.”

outsourcing your it the solution

But can they really?

In the current business environment the “IT Guy” is overworked, stressed out, and unable to juggle the day-to-day issues while planning for the long term IT infrastructure needs of the company.

Think about it like this:

When we look at our clients, of the users that submit tickets, on average each user will submit one ticket a week. So say you have 50 employees...that could get out of hand fast. These issues could be quick fixes or they could take hours to resolve. Imagine being the only person on staff to handle all of those issues while still being responsible for:

  • Keeping all company-owned devices functioning
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Monitoring the network
  • Keeping up with necessary security updates and patching for servers and all company owned devices
  • Staying up to date on the latest technology
  • Staying on schedule with large scale projects and future plans
  • Managing any cloud services your company might utilize
  • Making sure servers are functioning properly more than 99% of the time

This is a lot for one person to handle… and what we see most of the time is that the solo IT guy is forced to prioritize keeping the lights on day-to-day and often doesn’t get past the first three things on that list. The big problem being that while those first three things keep people working, they don’t address the even more important things down the list. The big picture things that can really make or break a business like keeping the network secure from ransomware or ensuring a real recovery plan in the case of a server or site failure.

Outsourcing IT: The Solution

It’s obvious that an IT “department” like the one described above could use some help. Whether it’s just having a help desk to call for day-to-day issues, or having experts to call for support when it comes to large scale projects (cloud migrations, VoIP systems, etc.), having a partnership with an outside IT provider gives a lot of businesses the peace of mind that everything technical is just going to work. It also means your IT guy is less stressed knowing that the day-to-day is under control, giving him the ability to help plan for the future of the company.

Hiring and Retention of In House IT

The Benefits of an MSP

Experienced. Qualified. Certified.

For an MSP, IT is what they do. And if you’re with the right one, they do it well. Any issue you could have, any project you want done, or any changes that need to be made, you can bet someone on their staff has done it before, and the combined years of experience and knowledge from their team will come together to make it happen.

Many industries and fields these days have particular regulatory and compliance concerns—things like HIPAA or PCI compliance—and making sure that all of the technical IT “boxes” are checked is something that a good MSP can help you with. Your MSP also has the resources, time, and incentives to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in technology, making sure that you’re putting all of it to work in the most efficient way.

Controlled Costs

We’ve talked before about the immense list of responsibilities that fall on your IT guy’s shoulders. But what happens when he can’t fix an issue and you need to find someone who can? You wind up with an added IT expense that you didn’t budget for. MSPs generally operate on a fixed price model, meaning that you can pay the same rate based on a desired outcome or set of services rather than on an hourly or “break-fix” basis.

Fewer Risks

Outsourcing doesn’t just relieve the stress of the IT guy, but also the business owner and the business itself. By handing over certain aspects of your IT to contracted professionals, you’re reducing risks to the company, especially when it comes to security and downtime. When you put your network and servers in the hands of an IT provider you’re ensuring that everything is monitored, and should something happen there are people there to take care of it before you even know it’s a problem (we can’t speak for every MSP but that’s what we promise our clients). And from a business standpoint you’re also eliminating the overhead and risk associated with hiring and training an entire IT staff, one that you may not need or be well positioned to manage if IT isn’t a core competency for your business.

Getting Back to What You do Best

Maybe the most important part of this whole process is that outsourcing your IT, or even just parts of your IT, can give you back the time to focus on your business. You can spend less time juggling with the idea of hiring a full-time IT staff, and if you do have the lone “IT guy” you can stop worrying about the consequences of them being overwhelmed. Your time is better spent focusing on the core of your business; let someone else handle the technology side.

If you’re in a situation like this and are looking for an outside partner to take some unnecessary stress out of your life, give us a call!


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