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How Outsourcing Your IT Could Save You Money

by Jessica Baker on

As a small to medium sized business owner, have you ever wondered if outsourcing certain areas of your business, that are not core competencies, could save you money and time?

outsourcing could save you money

Well, in the case of your company’s IT, there’s a pretty good chance it would be.

Okay, so say you’ve never wondered that. What are the costs of an in-house IT department? That answer really depends on your location, but let’s just look at Austin, TX. The salary for just one IT employee can range from $40,000 for a computer/network support technician to $70,000 for an IT manager ( Then you add in the cost of healthcare which averages between $1,000 to $2,000 a month depending on whether it’s an individual or family plan (Zane Benefits). And even with all that you still have to factor in vacation time, sick time, bonuses and any variety of things associated with hiring.

So for a small-medium sized business, especially one that might just be starting out, that can be a lot, even more so if you determine you need more than one person on staff. And to make it worse, none of those figures actually cover the technology involved, the hardware, software, or all the necessities for a secure and functional network. Nor do they include the cost of your time, as the owner, that will be spent managing those employees and dealing with any unforeseen issues.

Now, let’s say you have considered outsourcing, what can you expect?

Since we started with costs in the previous sections, let’s address it first here as well. The average cost of managed IT services per month typically ranges from $100-150 per user for a small business, depending on the complexity of IT needs, service levels required, and a couple other factors. This cost in comparison to that of a full IT department looks pretty good, considering with an MSP you actually are getting a full IT department for that price.

Hiring and Retention of In House IT

All the benefits of an MSP are too numerous to list out in this blog (although you can find a pretty good list here) but the major benefits include:

24/7/365 Technical Support

With most in-house IT departments, if your system goes down at 3am, it’s going to be down and causing damage to your business until someone notices it the next morning. With an MSP constantly monitoring your systems, something like this would not happen. And 24/7/365 support isn’t just monitoring, it’s someone being there to take your call or respond quickly (within 30 minutes for an after-hours emergency) and actually answer your questions. For you and your employees, the importance of this can’t be overstated.

Complete Network Security

Have peace of mind knowing your network is equipped with the latest and strongest security software. As we’ve talked about before, security is essential to the success of your company, and it can get a lot more complicated than most people think.

Regular and Monitored Back-Ups

It’s simple. Having your data backed-up is important, and if you’re not doing it regularly and efficiently it can cause some serious issues.

Reliable Internet and Phone Support

A good MSP will have reliable and consistent connections to keep you online at all times, and phone services that feature voicemail to email, automated attendant, number portability, and more.

All of the benefits above are absolute necessities for small-medium sized businesses as they continue to grow, and it’s extremely important that these are established before any rapid growth happens. Many of our clients could probably go on and on about their growing pains that were exacerbated because of the lack of fully established and planned out IT infrastructure.  

Building a relationship with an IT provider can be daunting, as can be handing over the keys to an important aspect of your business, but in today’s world you really can’t get away with having sub-par IT. If you’re interested in seeing how much switching to an MSP could save you, check out this online calculator, or just give us a call. We would love to talk it through with you!


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