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Android Apps Leaving Smart TVs Vulnerable

Smart TV’s are quickly becoming one of the most popular household smart gadgets – because they’re pretty amazing! Most of them come ready with both free and subscription entertainment services like[…]

Juniper Networks ScreenOS Security Bulletin

This week Juniper Networks found that Screen OS, their operating system used to manage firewalls and VPN services contained unauthorized code. This piece of unauthorized code poses multiple security[…]

How to Successfully Migrate to Office 365

Microsoft created Office 365 in an effort to improve workplace collaboration and productivity and businesses have been clamoring to implement it. As with any new platform migration though, this[…]

Cortana is Making Your Life Easier

Everyday life can be overwhelming sometimes, but what if you had your own personal assistant to help you keep up with your busy life?

Having a personal assistant can provide a long list of benefits[…]

IT Freedom's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

This isn’t your typical Holiday Gift list. This one is more for the privacy lover in your life. So this holiday season, instead of worrying about security threats and what hackers are up to, here are[…]

Can Updating Technology Help Increase Revenue?

The answer is yes. Updating Technology you use every day can increase your revenue.

Most technology doesn't age as gracefully as we would hope. Hanging onto old hardware isn’t necessarily saving you[…]

Explaining IT Jargon

In the Information Technology industry many professionals have a reputation for using jargon that is often unfamiliar to those outside of the industry.

We always try to use plain, universally[…]

Making your Office More Efficient with Office 365

Microsoft Office has been the go-to in productivity for years, giving users and businesses access to various programs, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and more, in order to communicate with[…]

A Clean Computer is a Fast Computer

We all know the frustration – it seems like the longer you own a computer the slower it runs. I know I’ve had this thought many times, “It used to run perfect, but why doesn’t it now?”. Well there[…]

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