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What does 2016 Business Technology Look Like?

Where is your company a year from now?

Well, researchers asked that exact question to business technology pros, and they had a few thoughts on what 2016 would see. While the answers varied of course,[…]

Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Exchange 2007

Goodbye Microsoft Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007 will soon be coming to the end of its product life cycle. After going into extended support in April of 2012, the program is reaching the end of its[…]

Phone Scams Could be Putting Your Information at Risk

The most recent phone scam

Imagine you’re on vacation with your family, staying at a nice hotel and out of the blue you answer a call from someone claiming to be at the hotel’s front desk. They’re[…]

The Top Managed IT Service Providers in Austin

Who do you think the top managed IT service providers in Austin are? We’ve become familiar with many of our competitors over the last several years, as you might expect. If you are shopping for an IT[…]

How Hackers are Gaining Access to Your Computer

We all know that downloading suspicious files is a good way to expose your device to a virus, but as hackers get smarter, the ability to easily detect a harmful file gets harder. Hackers have learned[…]

Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi

It’s 2015, WiFi access is everywhere and chances are you’re taking advantage of public WiFi in coffee shops, bookstores, and hotels. The iPass Wi-Fi Growth Map shows an increase of 271% from 2013 and[…]

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