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Why You Should Have an Internal and Guest Network

A while back a few members of the IT Freedom team went to a conference and one of the speakers started talking about the importance of network segmentation. For us, it’s a no brainer and something[…]

Patch Management vs. Vulnerability Mangement

What is Patch Management?

TechTarget defines Patch Management as “an area of systems management that involves acquiring, testing, and installing multiple patches to an administered computer system.”

Protecting Your Critical Infrastructure

This week is the final week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month and it’s all about protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats.“Critical Infrastructure” doesn’t necessarily mean the[…]

Tips for Staying Cyber-aware as Technology Changes

Tomorrow’s internet...that’s a big thing to try and predict, but that’s what week 3 of NCSAM is all about: “Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet”. It’s no secret that the internet, how we use[…]

The Importance of Having Cyber-Aware Employees

This week’s theme for National Cyber Security Awareness Month is: Cyber Security in the Workplace is Everyone’s Business. Last year we wrote up a guide on how to develop the best cybersecurity[…]

The Simple Steps to Online Security

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) so for the next month we will be sharing blog posts, reports, and tips on keeping yourself safe online. As Stay Safe Online champions we[…]

Is Outsourcing IT the solution to your technology problems?

Say you’re a small to medium sized business. You recognize the need for IT expertise within your business, so you hire someone to handle it all. You think “We aren’t that big, one person should be[…]

The Equifax Problem

Who is Equifax?

This is probably the best place to start because many people don’t really know who Equifax is, even though they have access to the personally identifiable information of consumers all[…]

Why Your Nonprofit Should be Working With a Managed Service Provider

Technology changes quickly, and if your main job isn’t to keep up with those changes then efficiently managing and using it to its full potential can be overwhelming. As a non-profit, advancing your[…]

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