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Cloud File Storage vs. In-House: Which One Could Make – or Break – Your Business

In the tech world we probably hear “move it to the cloud” about a hundred times a day. While the cloud is a great thing, it’s not always right for everything. In this case we are talking about[…]

The New NIST SP 800-63 Password Guidelines

Last September we wrote a blog about the changes we might see to the National Institute of standards and Technology (NIST) password guidelines. These new guidelines were finalized on June 22, 2017.[…]

How Technology is Helping Small Businesses go "Glocal"

If you’re part of any small business community there’s a good chance you’ve heard the term “Glocal” or “Glocalization”. I know, it looks like a typo, but I promise it’s not. Glocalization, or going[…]

Developing a Software License Management Process

It’s one of those things you know you should do, but you just don’t want to, or you simply don’t have the time - tracking software licenses. Although creating a good internal process for this can be[…]

Is a Smart Office in Your Future?

Last month Austin hosted the Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo, and recently we’ve been hearing a lot about new technologies making their way into the office setting. So this week on the blog[…]

The Need for Data Security in Local Governments

As a company that works with a lot of small businesses we bring up how vulnerable they are to cybersecurity attacks. But there’s another sector that warrants discussion. State and local governments[…]

Employee Ownership Leads to Increased Economic Prospects

“Happy Employees → Happy Customers”

It might be cliche, but we as a company believe that large part of that “happy employee” mentally comes from being an employee-owned company.

For the entirety[…]

VPNs...On the Rise or Out the Door?

I’m going to be honest, this blog started off somewhere totally different. But through research and discussions with our Chief Technology Officer, here’s where I landed: the future of VPNs.


Should You Be Using a Private VPN?

At this point you’ve probably heard more than you want to about the resolution responsible for rolling back the internet privacy regulations approved in 2016 - otherwise known as Senate Joint[…]

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