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Are IT Issues a Source of Decreased Productivity for Your Business?

by Matt Miller on

For any business owner, keeping up with all of the latest IT can be challenging. You’re already busy with your day-to-day concerns, and you don’t have time to do everything. But here’s the problem, if your IT practices and policies aren’t what they should be, your employees may be getting more frustrated by the minute.


Technology is an important tool for your employees, an integral part of getting their jobs done. But a difficult to use system or undependable tool can lead to a lot of employee dissatisfaction, and decreased productivity. There are couple issues we’ve identified that can be a source of struggle for your employees, but fortunately they’re all solvable.

Outdated Technology Decreasing Productivity

Almost all businesses today rely pretty heavily on technology, and if you’re not providing your employees with the most efficient tools, it isn’t really a wonder why they’re frustrated. If you’re using outdated hardware or software you’re slowing your employees down, and costing your company money. Most of your employees would prefer to spend their time making money and completing tasks rather than fighting with ineffective technology.

Frustrating IT Department Interactions

Understaffed or overworked internal IT departments are a constant source of struggle for many businesses. It isn’t uncommon for employees to dislike and even avoid working with their IT department because of the lack of immediate response. This can be an issue for both the IT department and employees, causing frustration all over the company. Nothing gets done on time or efficiently, and sometimes it doesn’t even matter if a company has an outside IT department. If concerns aren’t being addressed in a timely manner your employees are losing time, and gaining frustrations. Hiring the right IT technicians can make a world of difference for everyone involved.

These two issues are significant problems when it comes to productivity, but they are fixable. Find the right IT solution for you, and you’ll be back to having happy and productive employees.


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