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How Google Apps Can Speed Up Workflows and Boost Profits

by Matt Miller on

In an effort to inform business owners on the more relevant and innovative forms of technology, we’ve been hosting a series of webinars to help showcase some important and interesting information for modern businesses.


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Google Apps for Work

In one of our most recent webinars we spend some time discussing the freedom that can come from using Google Apps for Work. Google Apps for work is a hosted suite of collaboration tools that lets you move to the cloud. This move is beneficial for a host of reasons, but we’ve listed out some of the most important.

  • Google Apps for Work significantly reduces overhead costs. With this there is no longer the need to pay for the purchase, maintenance, and supporting hardware; instead you simply pay one flat monthly fee and everything is taken care of for you!
  • Because Google Apps for Work is hosted in Google’s various data centers around the world you’re boosting uptime and performance because of the greater resiliency against downtime due to disruption or disaster.
  • The latest features and functionalities will be pushed out as they are released, meaning there’s no need for you to worry about updates and gain the ability to enjoy all the latest features and functionalities.

We have been leveraging Google Apps for Work internally for over 5 years and we are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, meaning that we are very well versed in helping businesses use Google Apps for Work to speed up workflow and boost their profits.

Google Apps for Work delivers a variety of different things. From email to calendar to contacts, file sharing and everything in between this suite of apps has got you covered. When it comes to email you are able to take advantage of tagging, archiving, filtering, and searching. Other capabilities that can be extremely beneficial for internal collaboration are Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Hangouts.

As mentioned above we are a Microsoft Could Solutions Provider, so if you have any questions on how Google Apps for Work could work within your business don’t hesitate to reach out!

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