Keeping Your Tech Safe in the Heat

As the weather in Texas starts to warm up, we all want to spend more time outside. The heat and sun may be good for outside activities, but it’s not particularly good for your technology.For this[…]

6 Tips for Keeping Your Tech Happy

It's Valentine's Day, and while you're worrying about what chocolate or stuffed animal to buy don't forget to give your technology some love too! We've put together a short list of tips to keep your[…]

Google and YouTube are Making Some Changes

Google recently announced quite a few changes to the advertising side of YouTube, for the benefit of advertisers and consumers.

How many of us watch a majority of YouTube videos on our mobile[…]

A New Home for Design Tech High School

In the fall of this year, the 550 students and faculty members of Design Tech High School will move into their new home on the Redwood Shores Oracle campus. At that point, Design Tech High School[…]

2016 Technology Year in Review

2016 technology saw a lot of changes. From new innovations, to old products becoming new again, it was an interesting year. Though not everything in the tech world was new and shiny, and we[…]

2017 Tech Trends


Things in the tech world are constantly changing, our engineers and technicians are continuously reading, training and working to keep up to date on the latest innovations in technology to best[…]

2016 Holiday Tech Gift Guide - Part 2

Welcome back! If you missed part 1 of this tech gift guide you can check it out here.This expansive list came about from our tech obsessed team, so let’s just dive on in with part 2!


2016 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

Last year we came out with a holiday gift list full of ideas for the privacy lover in your life. This year, we wanted to go a little more general.

It’s estimated that 68% of consumers will buy tech[…]

That new computer smell?

While most of our blogs are about more serious topics, I decided to switch things up a bit today! This weekend our CTO came across a “New Mac” scented candle, and sent it out to a couple of us in the[…]

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