IT Freedom’s Initial iOS 10 Review

An iOS 10 Review for Businesses and Individuals

iOS 10 has officially been out for a month. As an iPhone user I’ve definitely been getting used to all the new features, and seem to find a new one[…]

Laptop Spills and Thrills

Many of us work with a cup of coffee constantly within reach, like an emergency flotation device for when we sink into a drowsy stupor. Unfortunately electronics, sleepy people, and liquid do not mix[…]

Have you Switched to Windows 10 Yet?

When Windows 10 was released around this time last year, Microsoft was so eager to get users to upgrade that they offered free upgrades and were all-in-all more aggressive with this rollout than any[…]

The New Dell 43 Multiclient Monitor

The Dell 43 Multi-client Monitor, also known as the P4317Q, is designed for the future of professional computer users and gamers, both of whom look for more immersion and information from their[…]

iPhone 7 Rumors

Right now it’s only speculation, but that doesn’t mean the rumors attached to the release of the iPhone 7 aren’t exciting. Ranging from an edge-to-edge display, a waterproof body, and wireless[…]

How to De-Crapify the Windows 8 Desktop

I've been using Windows 8 as my primary desktop at home for a couple of weeks now. I'm an early adopter type and I like getting used to new platforms, but the new "Metro" user interface that Windows[…]

How to Explain a Virtual Private Network

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a way to connect to your office network from a remote location and do so securely. It’s “virtual” because once connected, it’s as[…]

Fiber Internet Follow-Up - What to do While you Wait

In an earlier post, we talked about Austin fiber Internet service. It’s something that you’re probably hearing about everywhere lately: how fiber service is likely coming soon to a neighborhood near[…]

What Should You do With Electronic Waste?

At this point, most everyone in the tech industry and many in the general public are aware of the ongoing and growing problem of electronic waste disposal.  In short, the modern digital world that we[…]

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