Wireless Standards Explained: How 802.11ac Breaks the Gigabit Barrier

We have a tendency to take our technology for granted. The processing power of an average iPhone blows away the tech that brought humanity to the moon, but many of us are more concerned with clearing[…]

Ditching Windows Server 2003

Like it or not, end of life for Windows Server 2003 is quickly approaching. The day of reckoning is July 14, 2015, at which point critical security updates and support will no longer be available for[…]

Women in Technology: An IT Freedom Interview

A few months ago on Facebook, we shared an article about A Florida Computer Science Major  and a BBC trending topic: Feminist Hacker Barbie in an effort to start a discussion about women in[…]

Cortana is Making Your Life Easier

Everyday life can be overwhelming sometimes, but what if you had your own personal assistant to help you keep up with your busy life?

Having a personal assistant can provide a long list of benefits[…]

IT Freedom's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

This isn’t your typical Holiday Gift list. This one is more for the privacy lover in your life. So this holiday season, instead of worrying about security threats and what hackers are up to, here are[…]

Can Updating Technology Help Increase Revenue?

The answer is yes. Updating Technology you use every day can increase your revenue.

Most technology doesn't age as gracefully as we would hope. Hanging onto old hardware isn’t necessarily saving you[…]

A Clean Computer is a Fast Computer

We all know the frustration – it seems like the longer you own a computer the slower it runs. I know I’ve had this thought many times, “It used to run perfect, but why doesn’t it now?”. Well there[…]

Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Exchange 2007

Goodbye Microsoft Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007 will soon be coming to the end of its product life cycle. After going into extended support in April of 2012, the program is reaching the end of its[…]

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