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The Top Managed IT Service Providers in Austin

by Matt Miller on

Who do you think the top managed IT service providers in Austin are? We’ve become familiar with many of our competitors over the last several years, as you might expect. If you are shopping for an IT provider, here are a couple other well-established, Austin-area managed-service providers that I would recommend talking to:


Vintage IT Services

Vintage is a traditional Microsoft shop. Admirable growth history, big into state contracts. Loyal customer base.

MindShift Technologies:

A Best Buy company, building a national presence. They got into Austin by buying White Glove, a regional provider that had previously bought up Riata and several other local IT providers.

My IT Pros:

Twenty-year-old company, focused on small to medium businesses, especially medical. They also sell VoIP systems.

Pivot Networks:

Started in Austin, they’ve expanded and now have offices in all four major Texas metro areas.

Like IT Freedom, all of these companies have been around for several years, are well-known in the Austin area, and offer fee-based service plans similar to ours. Talk to them, check their customer references, and compare their services and prices. You’ll get a lot of free advice along the way.

When you’re done checking out the others, come back and see us last. I know we can beat anybody in town, but if we can’t, I’d like to know why.


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