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Update Alert: iOS 9.3.4 & Increased Security

by Matt Miller on

On August 4th, Apple released the newest iOS 9.3.4, surprising some astute users that expected 9.3.3 to be the last iOS 9 update until the release of iOS 10 in September. This new update doesn’t have many impacts on your day-to-day phone use, but it is an important update in terms of security.


Apple's description of the iOS 9.3.4 update states that it “provides an important security update for your iPhone or iPad and is recommended for all users.” The update is rooted in a breach identified by Pangu in the security of iOS 9.3.3 that allowed unauthorized “jailbreaking” of Apple devices.  In short, this was the type of discovery that lets the technically inclined user bypass security restrictions imposed by Apple’s operating system and that (more problematically) is a typical forebear of more nefarious malware.

The 9.3.4 release patched the technical gap that allowed for the breach, so that it can no longer be used as an entry point to your iPhone or iPad.

IT Freedom advises that all users patch their devices with manufacturer security updates early and often!

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