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Using Customer Data to Improve Efficiency

by Jessica Baker on

Last week we shared that we reached 5000 customer ratings! In that announcement we talked about why we implemented our customer rating system and touched briefly on how these ratings help us get better every day. Today we’re going to dive deeper into the topic of how we use customer data to consistently improve each customer interaction, aligning with our core values to “Get Better” and “Own Your Job”.

Our Operations/Helpdesk team does a lot with the information gained from these responses and all of our ticket data but the first thing to know is what data we actually look at. Listed below are some of our more important statistics for the past year:

  • Median hold time: 5 seconds
  • First call resolution rate: 53.39%
  • Median resolution for tickets NOT submitted via phone (email or web): 9 hours, 36 minutes (business hours)
  • Median resolution time for all tickets: 5 hours, 30 minutes (business hours)
  • Feedback response rate: 12.45% (1116 ratings from 8963 open tickets)

Our 98% excellent rating is great! But we want it to be 100%, so the above numbers are important, especially feedback response rate. We ask for a rating after every interaction with a client, and we always want that response percentage to increase, to give us a more accurate picture of what we are doing well and what we can improve upon.

Now that we’ve talked about the statistics, we can discuss what we actually do with these numbers.

On those rare occasions when we receive a thumbs down/poor rating, we reach out to the customer to make sure we address their concerns. Each thumbs down/poor rating also undergoes a post-mortem to determine how we can perform better in a similar situation in the future and to evaluate if any of our procedures need tweaking.

When we receive “Excellent” feedback—particularly when accompanied by a written comment—we are able to determine precisely what aspects of our service are valued.  That helps us emphasize those really valuable tasks and soft skills in hiring and training. Word clouds of written feedback (Our 2016 word cloud is pictured below) show that our customers value the politeness and patience of our techs, as well as their ability to resolve problems quickly and get them back to work.


In essence, all of these stats help us provide and improve upon the exceptional customer service that we have aimed for since our start in 1999. Our clients are why we are here and why we get to work at such an awesome place every day.

So, to our clients: Thank you! And please, keep giving us that honest feedback!

And to future clients: Give us a call, give us a shot, and experience what it’s like to work with a company that truly cares about you, your business and employees, and what you have to say.

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