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A Note from the President: We Won! Customer Service Champions!

by Matt Miller on

We won! Last Thursday night at the 2015 Austin Chamber Business Awards ceremony, IT Freedom won the Customer Service and Loyalty Award in the small business category. How cool is that!


I’m really delighted to see our staff get a little outside recognition for everything they do. Customer service can often be a thankless job, but our wonderful crew takes great pride in providing quality human service: they love solving client problems and helping them succeed, and it shows. I’m proud to know them and their families and humbled to be professionally associated with them.

I’m also very grateful to our clients for their incredible loyalty to IT Freedom. We’re by no means perfect, but we’re open and honest about every problem and screw-up we make.  That’s a part of great customer service as well.  And, we always work to get better. We most appreciate that you appreciate the value of long-term relationships of trust.

Thanks to all of our staff and clients for this award.


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