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What does a managed service provider do?

by Jessica Baker on

It’s a common question for those of us who work in IT…”so what does your company actually do?” and for those of us that work for a managed services provider, that answer is could end up being pretty long. Generally when someone asks that question my typical response, and the common response of many of my coworkers, is that we are essentially the full outsourced IT department for companies without their own IT staff - although this isn’t always the case as we do have some customers with their own small IT staff who utilize us to fill the gaps or address any security concerns their staff can’t handle.

what does a managed service provider do?

Now this explanation is typically enough for most people, but sometimes we do get the follow up question of “well, what does that mean exactly?” Our technical support manager explains that we “proactively monitor networks, servers, workstations, backups, and provide hands on and remote support…” which is definitely more informative than the initial answer and gives a good overview of all the different services we provide.

But since it’s just an overview, I figured, why don’t we go into a little more detail on each one?

What do we do?

Remote and On-site Support

At IT Freedom we think it’s important to provide more than just the standard “helpdesk” support. Our customers receive access to our team of completely Austin-based IT professionals on a 24/7 basis, including on-site support for issues that can’t be resolved remotely. Our customers have the option to call, email, or submit tickets through our web portal, whatever their preference, we’ve got it covered. We utilize secure remote access to assist with issues as quickly as possible and pride ourselves on a median hold time of under 5 seconds to be connected with a team member. From a password reset to larger more complex issues, our helpdesk is always on-call to assist.

Proactive Monitoring and Support

Our network and server services fall under this umbrella. We monitor servers and networks 24/7 to ensure that if there is an issue, we know immediately and are working to address it before it affects your day. For our network and server customers we provide:

  • Automated monitoring for new security threats, monthly security updates, and much more
  • Day-to-day management of user accounts, network policies, and everything else “behind the scenes”
  • Managed firewall, antivirus, VPN, vulnerability scanning, and other security basics
  • Advanced security capabilities including intrusion detection and prevention systems all the way up to full scale security audits
  • Next-generation endpoint security software
  • Monitoring and management of on-site or colocated servers
  • Standardized, automated, and monitored backup solutions
  • Hourly snapshots of servers and nightly off-site backups to our secure cloud
  • Colocation options in our carrier-grade data center built to withstand extreme weather conditions and other security risks
  • World class protection from unauthorized access

And all of these services are backed by our 24/7 local on-call team.

Miscellaneous Services

We also provide several services for clients that aren’t included in our larger services. We’ve been providing these for a long time, but only a percentage of our customers utilize them, solely based on their need levels.

Email and Cloud Services

We fully support both Microsoft Office 365 and Google G-Suite. We are also a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider with the ability to bring the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and other cloud services to customers.

Business VoIP Services

We provide a cloud-based phone system with enterprise features and Polycom hardware for customers who prefer to keep all their technology needs under the same roof.

Managed Internet

Our managed internet offering gives customers another option for simple internet access and connectivity for specialized needs. Our managed internet is specifically designed to address complex business requirements around redundancy, multiple locations and necessary cloud access.

Planning for the Future

We want our customers to think of us as a partner, or part of their team, and to know that their continued success is extremely important to us. This is why we make it a priority to help establish processes and procedures for things like the purchasing of new hardware and software and onboarding/off-boarding employees. We also routinely review the current state of their technology and run through everything with them and our team of experts to make sure their technology is up-to-date, secure, and working for their business, not against it.

What don't we do?

Simply put, we don’t do “break/fix” service. We get asked about this a lot, but over the years we’ve realized that “break/fix” service isn’t the best way for us to help our customers. There are a lot of companies out there who can provide this service in a much more cost effective way.
(If you’re unsure what I mean by break/fix check out our post on the difference between Break/Fix and Managed IT)


See what I mean when I say the “what do you do?” question is a little hard to answer quickly?
If you’re a small to medium sized business in Austin looking for help with anything i’ve talked about above, let us know! We would love to see how our services could fit into your business and help you grow and thrive!

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