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World Password Day 2016

by Matt Miller on

The primary IT concern for most business is the protection of sensitive client and company data. Business of all sizes in all industries are  susceptible to security breaches and should always be looking for the most effective ways to ward off attacks. Fortunately, knowledge and awareness are two of the easiest ways to protect your company.


Many business fall prey to an easily avoidable trap: weak passwords. Password hacks are the most common point of access in security breaches, meaning that relying on poor password choices can be especially harmful for a business. The last thing a company wants is their name on the on the news followed by “Security Breach”. This not only drives away new clients but can take away the trust with established clients.

May 5th is national password day.

We want to take this day as the perfect time to remind ALL business owners of the importance of passwords in protecting company data. Make sure your passwords are selective, secure and smart. Try to refrain from picking your password based on identifiable information, like names or birthdays, sequential patterns, like 12345, or overly simple passwords, like your company name or “password”.

Your business should be sure that it’s using different passwords on each device and that you’ve established regular routines for password changes. We also suggest looking into multi-factor authentication and how it could fit within your business.

In the fast paced and increasingly high tech and ever changing world we live in, it can be a challenge to keep up with the most effective data protection methods. We are passionate about increasing the awareness of data breaches and encouraging businesses to learn the best ways to protect themselves.

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